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Waxmax -
French creativity since 1990. 

Maxmatic is a french invention company that specializes on wax injection. We produce one of the most complex and efficient injectors in the world. Our automations are used by mainly the biggest French jewelers' houses and precisions parts for prototyping. 

Maxmatic is the market leader in innovation, all our previous engineering ideas became the de facto standards for years to come.  

The original - back in 1990

Being one of the few companies to incorporate innovative controls and mechanism for wax injector with PID control.

1993 - Updated controller for precision vacuum control , 20 - 180 temperature controls.

1996 - Contined refinement Special injection nozzle for high flow with 2500 memories

1997 - Reinforced frame design, 3000 memories of 11 parameters..

An easy way to program the desired tempeature. The heat movement and tempearture acceleration is precise and even. 

2001 - Further frame and contrl refinement with 3000 tags + camera.

2011 - Claump control improvement with refined interface and upgrade of internal components.

Present - WaxMax

 - Advanced control for clamp pressure
- 3 mbar precision injection
- Filtration of the wax, leaving no residus and humidity. 
- Contrl of the distortion of the mould with automatic wedges controls. 

Reliable, User friendly, efficient and reliable. 

Conveyor Options

Special clamp system for 2 or 4 pistons plus micro chip mould controls.

Closed to 100% Success Rate. 

Our vision is to provide our customers  the most innovative machinery  with manufacturing techniques and processes with cutting edge technologies proven from around the world with our local knowledge for the Great China Market and Southeast Asia. 

Hong Kong, China-based Kingsway Jewelry Supplies Co Ltd serves as a distributor of alloys and equipment for a number of major brands in Asia. Gilbert Kwok, managing director of the company, shares with JNA the qualities that make Kingsway an ideal partner for jewellery-manufacturing equipment and materials in the region.

We have been a major supplier of casting and melting machines in Asia for more than three decades.

We keep a close eye on the latest industry developments, from electronics to modern engineering technology. By doing so, we are able to identify the technologies, which we believe would better serve the needs of the jewellery industry.


Kingsway mission statement is to accelerate the technology advancement, efficiency and scalability of the jewelry industry in Asia by offering best softare/hardare and international experience. 

We excel not only in China but also have experience throughout Asia. 


Kingsway is only a engineering company wants to link its decades of trade experience, knowledge network and local Asian knowledge to serve our customers with better, more efficient and new processes of tomorrow. 

We never counterfeit or copy our supplier products or customer designs to make quick money. 

In the jewelry world, Kingsway is the firm that you can trust. 

Based in Hong Kong, China, Kingsway has been serving all our customers with integrity and decades of  trade specific experience.


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