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"DO NOT BUY A NEW MACHINE, BUT A NEW METHOD" Hispana has made easier to his customers to follow this sentence recommendations, based in his experience, and exceptional technical persons as Jose Ferre and Marc Sarsanedas

he export line has been gradually adapted to the market demand but retaining simplicity and robustness in the design, and continuing service to the machines, even the design features allow that the machines remain in use for many years

PMG - Hispana

The PMG is a machine for polishing silver pieces with technology called 1st STEP. Allows high productivity with minimal wastage, while respecting the original form of the piece, without the characteristic rounding of mechanical processes.

PMG-10 Plus - Hispana

The PMG-10 is the evolution of the first PMG but with the advantages of "2nd STEP" technology. Ideal for small silver industries. Dramatic time reduction in surface finishing processes. Fully automatized.

GP-G10 Hispana

Homonymous to the PMG for polishing gold pieces is called GPG. This one allows, with 1st STEP technology, a process with minimal wastage (fully recoverable) and respecting the original form of the creations. High productivity for the industry.

EN34 - Hispana

EN-34 (for Gold polishing) is a small electropolishing machine for recessed areas, insides, filigree and jewels with stones cast in place.  You can also process items after initial electropolishing. It is designed to tackle fine details in the interiors. Ask Kingsway representatives for the best product mix to achieve the best result.


Our vision is to provide our customers  the most innovative machinery  with manufacturing techniques and processes with cutting edge technologies proven from around the world with our local knowledge for the Great China Market and Southeast Asia. 

Hong Kong, China-based Kingsway Jewelry Supplies Co Ltd serves as a distributor of alloys and equipment for a number of major brands in Asia. Gilbert Kwok, managing director of the company, shares with JNA the qualities that make Kingsway an ideal partner for jewellery-manufacturing equipment and materials in the region.

We have been a major supplier of casting and melting machines in Asia for more than three decades.

We keep a close eye on the latest industry developments, from electronics to modern engineering technology. By doing so, we are able to identify the technologies, which we believe would better serve the needs of the jewellery industry.


Kingsway mission statement is to accelerate the technology advancement, efficiency and scalability of the jewelry industry in Asia by offering best softare/hardare and international experience. 

We excel not only in China but also have experience throughout Asia. 


Kingsway is only a engineering company wants to link its decades of trade experience, knowledge network and local Asian knowledge to serve our customers with better, more efficient and new processes of tomorrow. 

We never counterfeit or copy our supplier products or customer designs to make quick money. 

In the jewelry world, Kingsway is the firm that you can trust. 

Based in Hong Kong, China, Kingsway has been serving all our customers with integrity and decades of  trade specific experience.


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